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Beyond Speech

Therapy focused on the whole person

We provide person-centred speech and language therapy in Calgary and southern Alberta and virtually across Alberta and BC. Our therapists work with individuals of all ages for a variety of speech and language needs! Please contact us for more information and to book an initial consultation.


Saturday Music Group! 


Treatment Sessions and Family Consultations


Direct Therapy

Direct therapy and assessment to best fit your family's individual needs. Therapy is delivered 1-1 or in groups to best support success.


Consultative services and trainings for parents, caregivers, and teachers are provided to assist in the continuation of therapy throughout your child's day. These sessions can occur in the home, community, in clinic, or virtually.

Our Team

Our team of therapists are dedicated to supporting families and individuals achieve their goals. All of our therapists have a wide range of experiences and expertise in their field. We use a multidisciplinary, play based approach to encourage natural development, and a feeling of acceptance.

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