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Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

Updated: May 30

Let the world hear YOU

What is Gender Affirming Voice Therapy?

Gender affirming voice therapy is a type of voice therapy conducted by a Speech-Language Pathologists for those who feel their current voice does not align with their gender identity and/or gender expression.


Our voices are deeply tied to our self-expression in ways that many people may not often consider. But for some transgender individuals, being mis-gendered by voice can be a deeply painful experience.

Not everyone choses 'stereotypical' gender expression and that's OKAY. Voice is an elective component of gender expression - not a mandatory part of the transition process!

Where do we start?

There are several key characteristics that can be addressed in voice therapy…



Gender Affirming Voice Therapy at Beyond Speech

We are hosting weekly a bi-weekly therapy group to support individuals in finding the voice that best aligns with their identity! Sessions will include voice affirming education, strategies and practice at a reduced hourly rate!

If voice is something you or someone you know is interested in join our group, or schedule a 1-1 therapy session. Everyone is welcome and we would love to have you!

Please contact for more information.


Please fill out our contact form to schedule a session!

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