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Adult Services

Speech-Language Pathology

At Beyond Speech Therapy Services we offers a variety of Speech and Language services for Adults, including personalized therapy plans as well as group therapy programs! To book an initial appointment please reach out to us via email - remember to include what area you're seeking support in, as well as your general availability. We look forward to working with you and your family! 

Our Speech-Language Pathologists can provide support in the following areas:


Speech is the way spoken language sounds, specifically how we articulate the individual sounds in the words we say. ​There are several different conditions that can affect speech including Apraxia of Speech and Dysarthria


Language refers to the specific words we use to communicate and how we use them. Receptive Language is what we understand and Expressive Language is what we say. Some individuals may experience language difficulties following a stroke, this is called Aphasia


Voice describes the quality of sound produced verbally - such as pitch and loudness. A Voice Disorder is identified when an individuals' voice does not meet their daily needs, both personally and professionally. Voice therapy is commonly sought out by Teachers, Public Speakers and Singers! Voice therapy is also effective for those seeking Gender Affirming Voice Change.  


Fluency is how speech flows. Stuttering is a disruption in the continuous flow of speech that may consist of sound repetitions, word repetitions and extended pauses in speech. 


Dysphagia is a term describing difficulty swallowing. Speech-Language Pathologists can identify Dysphagia and provide strategies and recommendations to swallow safely. Services are also available to support individuals experiencing Chronic Cough and Globus Sensation. 

Cognitive Communication

Cognitive Communication is directly supported by several complex processes including attention, memory and problem solving. These skills impact our ability to engage in social settings and communicate efficiently/effectively. 

Aphasia Art Group

Join us in 2024 for Aphasia Art Group! Individuals living with aphasia (and their loved ones) are welcome to join our growing community for bi-weekly painting sessions led by a Speech-Language Pathologist. Sessions will include communication support, guided conversation and of course - art! 

All communication levels and artistic abilities are welcome. 

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