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Pediatric Services

Speech-Language Pathology

At Beyond Speech Therapy Services we offers a variety of Speech and Language services for children, including personalized therapy plans as well as group therapy programs! To book an initial appointment please reach out to us via email - remember to include what area(s) your child requires support in, as well as your general availability. We look forward to working with you and your family! 

Our Speech-Language Pathologists can provide support in the following areas:



Articulation refers to how your child says individual speech sounds. Many children will have difficulty pronouncing some words or specific sounds as they grow up. You can reference this chart to see what is age-appropriate for your child's articulation. 



Literacy is the ability to read and write. At Beyond Speech Therapy we use a phonics based approach to literacy learning! Direct literacy support for children may include phonemic (letter) awareness, decoding strategies and more. Check out our weekly literacy group here!



Receptive Language is what we understand and Expressive Language is what we say. Most children begin to talk around 1 year but some may take a little longer, this is called Late Language Emergence (LLE). We use a combination of play-based therapy and family coaching to provide early intervention to provide support to children experiencing LLE. 


Social Communication

Social Communication allows individuals to comfortably interact/play/share and engage with each other on a day-to-day basis. Social communication can be addressed with your Speech Pathologist using through play-based therapy! 


Cognitive communication

Cognitive Communication is directly supported by several complex processes including attention, memory and problem solving. These skills impact your child's ability to engage in social settings and communicate efficiently/effectively. 



Fluency is how speech flows. Stuttering is a disruption in the continuous flow of speech that may consist of sound repetitions, word repetitions and extended pauses in speech. 


Feeding & Picky Eating 

Some children struggle with new foods and may stick to a very restricted diet due to food aversions. Our Speech Therapists offer feeding strategies and a graded approach to trying new foods that will allow your child to feel both comfortable and empowered at mealtimes. 


Augmentative & alternative


Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) refers to non-verbal communication. This can be "low-tech" using paper materials and pointing or "high-tech" using a device such as an iPad. 

In-clinic Services

In-home Services

School Based


Group Therapy

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