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PEAs in Behaviour Therapy - A Recipe for Success!

PEA stands for Person-Environment-Activity and is often used by Behaviour Consultants to support an individual’s ability to improve their overall quality of life. Rather than looking at a task from a singular lens, this model helps us understand how different factors affect a person's ability to do things they care about.

What is the PEA Model?

The PEA Model looks at three main parts:

  1. Person: This is all about you – your abilities, thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

  2. Environment: This includes everything around you, like your home, workplace, social settings, and cultural norms. 

  3. Activity: These are the things you do every day, from getting dressed and working to hobbies and chores. 

How Does it Work?

We use the PEA Model to assess how these three parts interact and make decisions based on factors that may impact someone’s ability to participate in an activity!

By understanding these interactions, therapists can identify and address challenges, like modifying the environment to make tasks easier.

So, what does that look like in action?

Alex is a 10 year old boy. He loves to play with blocks and cars. He is also quite sensitive to loud sounds. During a therapy session, Alex is doing well until all his siblings come down and start playing too. They are being quite loud and disruptive. Alex is now really struggling to focus and is starting to get disregulated. Because Alex is sensitive to loud sounds, this environment change is affecting him and his learning capability.

Using the PEA model, we can see that for Alex to come back to a regulated state

the environment around him has to change and become quieter.


Behaviour Consulting at Beyond Speech

We use the PEA Model at Beyond Speech to help people live more fulfilling lives by balancing the person, environment, and activities. We then provide the individual or family with the tools and information they need to continue to be successful in various activities at home and in the community!

If the PEA model resonates with you, or you have any questions about how we utilize the PEA model, please reach out to us at

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